The Cloud Architecture program is a program of the AWS Academy designed to help participants develop technical expertise in cloud infrastructure and prepare them for the certification exam: AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate Level. This program includes courses offered by accredited instructors, training guides, knowledge assessments, practical workshops, projects, a certification test exam, as well as a reduction coupon for the certification exam. . Note that the certification exam is not included in this training.



At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the methods and tools used to ensure security and protect data
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console
  • Know the specifics of different storage options using AWS
  • Understand the calculation and networking options offered by AWS
  • Describe and use the various database service options offered by AWS
  • Identify the deployment and management options for an infrastructure
  • Make decisions about best practices and architectural principles recommended by AWS
  • Establish a cloud migration plan
  • Use AWS to make an infrastructure scalable
  • Establish a business continuity plan and offer high availability
  • Set up an event-driven design
  • Automate the deployment of resources in the cloud
  • Perform designs that decouple infrastructure and reduce interdependencies
  • Optimize data storage for static content
  • Identify the good practices prescribed by the “Exemplary Architectures framework”
  • Identify and resolve the most common design and configuration issues
  • Distinguish between different architecture options, for example: data analysis and processing, back-end, mobile and video transcoding
  • Understand the structure and questions of the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam – associated level.